Kaleo Completes Renovation of Bathrooms at Ft. Belvoir, DPW

Kaleo was tasked to perform a complete renovation of Building 3136’s two sets of men’s and women’s restrooms. The project was completed in two phases to ensure building occupants maintained the use of restroom facilities during construction. The renovation required Kaleo to remove all existing plumbing fixtures, toilet compartments, accessories and finishes down to the metal stud and CMU partitions throughout. The existing 2nd floor setup only allowed for one women’s restroom, therefore Kaleo was tasked to remove and re-install partitions throughout to create a separate men’s and women’s restroom upstairs. All vent, waste and supply piping needed to be removed and relocated on both floors to accommodate new plumbing fixtures and restroom layout. Kaleo was also tasked with bringing the 1st floor restrooms up to current ADA standards.

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